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Who We Are

Trent Global College of Technology and Management Pte Ltd (also known as Trent Global College)  has one priority, and that is to help nurture and empower our students to be able to affect change in the communities around them.
Founded in 2004, Trent Global has always been focused on delivering quality education for the Built Environment Industry over various disciplines and specialisations. Evolving with the digital environment around us, the inclusion of IT programmes in 2019 continues our belief in imparting the best practices to our students regardless of their field.
Over 12000 students later, Trent Global continues to contribute to the industry with our community of alumni and professionals through the variety of programmes we deliver today.

Academic & Examination Board
  • Mrs Kelly Yan
  • Mr Alfrendo Satyanaga Nio
  • Mr Alexander Yan
  • Mrs Kelly Yan
  • Mrs Ho Seow Ban
Management Representative
Mrs Kelly Yan (Management Representative)

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Our Vision

To be a leading institute that nurtures and empowers people to transform communities.

Our Mission

  • Deliver creative and innovative learning experiences.
  • Inspire lifelong learning that builds on intellectual, professional, and personal development
  • Inculcate in Learners – critical skills, innovative solutions and best practices for the industries.
  • To promote professional ethics and social responsibilities.


To build a strong foundation of core values in each person to guide their actions.

Core Values

Our culture is to put the needs of the students first, and we are guided by the following values:

  • Be Learner centric.
  • Build enduring relationships based on trust.
  • Observe high ethical standards.
  • Be innovative and relevant.
  • Demand the best from yourself.

ERF and Edutrust Certificates

Master Certificate of Insurance

Our Partners

Heriot -Watt is a specialist, pioneering university, with a global presence, world renowned, innovative research and highly employable graduates. Our pioneering story begins in Edinburgh in 1821 and continues today across the world.

Our strategy has been developed by our global community of staff, students, alumni and partners. It is not the strategy of a university centred in one location with an international outlook, but of a global university based in multiple locations each successful and all connected. It is based on our special character and positions us to tackle the new challenges that face higher education in the period ahead. Our highly distinctive personality makes us strong, and our capabilities and expertise enable us to serve the future needs of society. Our new strategy expresses our goal: to educate our students to flourish in their learning and life skills, and for our University to deliver research and enterprise with profound impact on the communities that we serve.


0420 - XiAn Partner-48

Shaan Xi Virgin Education

We are proud to announce our strategic agreement with Shaan Xi Virgin Education, marking the beginning of exciting opportunities for academic growth and innovation. Stay tuned as we seek to foster global connections and expanding educational horizons for students around the world.