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Our Student Work

Our Student Work

Here are Some of Student's Project

Lets Wipeout Dengue

Having worked 12 years as a broadcast editor, Linda took a leap of faith by making a career switch. Graduating from the bootcamp in 2020, she has since found a developer role in DBS. In her free time, she continues to conduct beginner-friendly workshops for all.

Linda Hsu Developer, DBS Singapore | Batch 4

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A Helping Paw

With over 10 years of experience in the engineering industry, Jason took a mid-career switch to pursue his love for coding and is currently a Software Engineer at NCS Group.

Ng Yen Tiong, Jason Developer, NCS | Batch 4

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COVID-19 Infographic Stats (Not Updated)


A keen learner who took the leap of faith, by withdrawing from his business management degree. KC kickstarted his tech career in Cognizant as a programmer analyst.

Wong Kwok Cheong Programme Analyst Trainee, Cognizant | Batch 5

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Ace Academy

An advocate of pusuing one’s dream. Alexia worked hard to make her dreams a reality in the form of securing a place in DBS tech graduate management programme.

Alexia Hsu Data Analyst, DBS Singapore | Batch 6

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Harry Potter Character Search

Su Chan worked in a typical finance role before taking the leap into the Tech indusryAn adaptable professional with a proven background knowledge in accounting and finance who pursued a career software development. Su Chan is currently working as a Developer at TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services) .

Cho Su Chan  Developer, TCS | Batch 6

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Reddit Cards

Armed with his new found knowledge. JY’s first project was dedicated to his mother in law. Talk about impressing the in laws. He can currently be found as a product maanager at Shopee Singapore.

Foo Jiun Yang  Product Manager, Shopee Singapore| Batch 8

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SGCarpark Bot

Unfazed by the unsatisfactory intial assessment by the IBM interviewers. Edwin turned the situation with his portfolio to clinch a developer role at IBM.

Ng Chong Han (Edwin) Application Developer(Java FullStack), IBM | Batch 10

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Tea Empire

A front-end/full-stack web developer with a background in business development and strong passion to grow in the tech industry. Julius is currently working as a software development engineer at Bridgetek,Pte Ltd.

Yong San Goi (Julius) Software Development Engineer, Bridgetek Pte Ltd | Batch 11

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Feeding Geoffrey

WIth a strong foundation in computer technology and languages such as JavaScript/Node.js, HTML/CSS and Python. Ryan yearns to take advantage of future technologies to improve daily tasks for any profession or situation. Ryan is currently a Mobile App Developer at Accenture.

Ryan Tan  Mobile App Developer, Accenture | Batch 11

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Halal Eatries

A frontend/fullstack bootcamp graduate seeking to leverage web development technologies by bringing creative ideas to life. Hidayah is currently a developer at Amber Orange.


Hidayah /Hirayati Batch 11

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