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Dispute Resolution

Trent Global College Policy Statement

 Policy Statements
Handling of Feedbacks and Complaints
Trent Global College is dedicated to resolve all disputes in a fair and objective manner and also to provide recourse for the disputes.
Alternate Remedies in Dispute Resolution
The following procedure should be followed for students seeking dispute resolution.

Dispute Resolution Steps

Step 1 :
Student is to approach or email Student Services Administrators for assistance to address his/her feedback first. The Student Services Administrator may, if necessary, arrange a meeting to resolve the matter(s) raised through the feedback with the Centre Manager. An amicable solution is the ultimate objective. Centre Manager will take necessary actions to resolve the dispute within 7 working days.
Step 2 :
If the response of the Student Services Administrator in Step 1 is unsatisfactory to the student, student can file the issue formally in written form via letter or email with at least the following information provided by the student. The relevant department will contact the student within 7 working days. The letter or email should include:
Step 3 :
Trent Global College will initiate investigations and resolution actions internally, wherever applicable, to resolve and close the case with the student within the 21 working days. A formal response will be made to the student via email.
Step 4 :
In the event that the student and Trent Global College are unable to resolve the issue, external mediation parties shall be sought. Either the student and/or Trent Global College should first refer the dispute to the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) through the CPE’s Student Services Centre (SSC) ( prior to any other further actions.